As a video director and choreographer, Karine blanche bases her vision in reintegrating experience of nature in artistic process as much as a social, politic and medicine gesture. She questions the constructed hierarchies resulting from a systemic experience over the misguided notions of ‘nature’ as something separate from human and its consequence. She likes to break the rules of anatomy (the cut and the separation) and all concepts that fall from it for the human body and its destiny, expanding its individuality above its own skin.

She brings this into movements and into sensuous immersive direction and choreography.


Wilderness is a space of diversity, of alive and movements and where thoughts are animated. Alive is thinking us!

This is what makes ME alive...

Todays wilderness became as a dream, what would it happen when we stop dreaming ?

We are bigger than we think but we think too much...


I mostly don't like to talk about my work.

I prefer diving into it.

Sometimes it takes me time to even understand what I am doing. 

As if I were creating thoughts.

And then I listen...

Who is really speaking?


My camera has its own spirit, a spirit among other spirits and is polymorph. Sometimes it takes the posture of an animal, a torrent, a rock, a green leaf or a blade of grass ...

I always have to find out what it is...

It is creating as much as capturing... A choreographer, a dancer as much as an audience


La forêt nous pense...

I would be very happy if you share your insights exploring those pages.

You can contact me directly via my mail


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